The fund supports

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Et billede af tre unge mennesker der står og snakker ved en cykel parkeringsplads

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AUHE MidtVest’s Support Fund aims to support relationship-building activities which contribute to strengthening the cooperation between AUHE and other relevant actors from within the Central and West area of Jutland (f.ex. Businesses, schools, politicians, business councils and-associations and others alike).

Examples of what the fund supports are:

  • Events at AUHE within the fund’s objective targeting different audiences
  • Company visits for AUHE students to the local companies within the region of Central and West Jutland
  • Events in the local area which markets the educational opportunities at AUHE
  • Project Cooperation between AUHE students / teachers and businesses
  • Analysis / mapping of needs and potential of for example, new programs
  • Other good initiatives


Support is given f.ex. for the fee of the event’s lecturer, catering, room rental, travel costs, materials, other organisational spendings etc.


The relationship-building activities should be targeted towards prospective students and / or their parents at AUHE, current students attending AUHE, the educational institution AUHE or companies in the Central and West area of Jutland.

You may apply for support from AUHE MidtVest’s Support Fund if you are:

  • Student or teacher at AUHE
  • Company in the Fund’s area coverage
  • Local constituency associations such as business, tourism or fishing associations
  • Educational institution
  • The primary school or secondary educational institutions
  • Local working groups that will promote relationships between companies and AUHE students
Et billede af fem mænd der snakker om en gokart på jorden

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