Apply now

There are 3 easy steps you need to complete in order to get funding:

Photo: Makerfest 2023

1. Fill the form

Download the application form HERE and fill in the boxes.

2. Send the application

You can e-mail the application to or send it via post to AUHE MidtVest’s Støttefond to the address:

AUHE MidtVest’s Støttefond
C/O OrgaNicer
Østergade 21, 7400 Herning

3. Wait for an answer

When you send the application, you will then receive a confirmation informing you that the application was received.

Applications are continiously processed and the processing time can take anytime from 2-4 weeks. You will be notified if you will receive the support from the AUHE MidtVest’s Støttefond.