Qualified and highly educated workforce is a key competitive factor for businesses in the Central and West Jutland region. Unique talents are in high demand.

Unique talents are in high demand.

Therefore it is important to locally educate talented young people, who will already during their studies, have an understanding of the challenges in business. Conversely, it also poses demands on local businesses to be the standard bearers of cooperation with Aarhus University Campus Herning (AUHE), so cooperation in many forms is a priority for the benefit of both students and the business life.

AUHE MidtVest’s Support Fund has been established in order to reinforce cooperation between AUHE and local businesses within the Central and Western Jutland region. This is done through support for various relationship-building activities, carried by enthusiasts who are passionate about enhancing cooperation and thus efforts to attract, train and retain a part of the future workforce locally.

Et billede af to mænd fra AUHE fonden der snakker i et kontorområde

Photo: Anders Trærup