The fund's area of activity:

AUHE Midtvest’s Support Fund is an independent institution which acts as a business catalyst whose purpose is to support cooperation between AUHE and local businesses in the Central and West Jutland area. This is done through providing support for various relationship-building activities. The activities will help attract students, engage students and companies in different solutions and motivate companies to employ graduates from AUHE. The goal is to increase the interaction between AUHE and the businesses within the area as a way to meet business needs for highly skilled labor.

The Fund’s coverage area:
The Foundation supports activities that are rooted in the 8 municipalities, as seen on the map.


AUHE MidtVest’s Støttefond’s vision is to create new growth opportunities for development in the Central and Western area of Jutland, by raising the level of competence through the use of highly trained graduates in the local companies.


AUHE MidtVest’s Støttefond’s mission is to attract more students to AU Herning and simultaneously ensure that more of the graduating students get jobs in the Central and Western area of Jutland. In addition, the mission is to also increase the cooperation between students at AU Herning in the form of internships and study assignments.

Board of directors:

AUHE MidtVest’s Støttefond’s board of directors consists of:

  • Research director Per Hessellund Lauritsen, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (Chairman of the board)
  • Director Kultur og Erhverv, Mette Højborg, Holstebro Kommune (Vice Chairman)
  • Board member Jens Agergaard
  • Group HR Director Mads Mølbak, Kyocera A/S
  • Partner and Lawyer Albert Kusk, Dahl Advokatfirma
  • Regional Director Palle Hoffmann, Vestjysk Bank
  • CEO Søren Husted, KP Group
  • Municipal director Erik Hattens, Herning Kommune (observer)
  • Head of department Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus Universitet (observer)
  • Head of department Anders Brandt, Aarhus Universitet (observer)
  • Director Mette Gottlieb, OrgaNicer (administrator)